Which floor to choose in a high rise building?

2 bhk apartment in PhursungiConsiderations frequently come across your way while buying a home which may be a 1 or  2 bhk in Pune or, for that matter, any other metro-city. If you want to live in a high rise building, you begin to think as to which floor should be chosen.

The benefit of living on the top floor is good lighting and ventilation. Capital appreciation is comparatively faster on the top floors. However the flip side is that there is higher consumption of power (electricity) on the top most floors. If you are looking for a home in a suburban area, then it is always better to live on the ground floor. There is low power consumption on a ground floor, but it is more prone to mosquito and insect intrusions. Throughout the year, ground floor also remains cooler.

However, living in the middle floors is always an ideal option as they will provide you a perfect balance between the pros and cons of the top as well as ground floors. The per-capita power consumption is less across the middle floors, but the weather effect is almost the same. Even, the loading and unloading of goods can be done conveniently on these floors. You can use stairs in emergency situations. Emergency evacuation is a crucial factor, which you must bear in mind. Usually in the high-rise buildings, safety provisions are a part of the structure. By having well designed window systems on the middle floors, outside noise can be prevented from penetrating to the interiors. Middle floors will also help you to strike a balance between the costs of living on the top and ground floors.

While buying a home in a high rise building, you need to look for an ideal locality which will be in a close proximity to your workplace, shopping malls, schools, colleges, hospitals, movie theatres and restaurants. Along with that, a precise choice of middle floor will bring all the convenience and ambience at your doorstep.

So, select your desired property for example, a 2 BHK apartment in Phursungi in a high rise building which will be synonymous to your dream home!

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