Why to prefer a ready possession flat?

Ready Posession FlatsHome buyers make property purchases, depending on the risk-to-reward ratio. Customers, who wish to buy a home, mostly look for good quality construction, low financial risk and timely possession, whereas investors want higher Returns on Investment (ROI). With numerous residential projects in Hadapsar, the demand for properties has increased multiple fold in this location owing to the recent developments in this location of Pune.
Here are the key reasons as to why you should prefer to buy a ready possession flat:

1)    Immediate possession:
You always prefer to buy a finished product rather than the one which is undergoing the manufacturing stage. The same follows for a ready to move in property. Instant gratification ranks very high on your priority list and this is what exactly you get in a flat which is readily available.

2)    An economical deal:
You don’t need to pay rent and EMI together for a ready property.The payment is once for all and on the spot due to which the deal becomes economical. The element of financial risk is low if compared to that of under construction properties.

3)    Smooth and effective execution of the property transactions:
The legal documents such as commencement certificate, encumbrance certificate, no objection certificate (NOC), completion certificate, occupancy certificate and letter of no dues can be easily checked.If the legal status is clear and updated, property transactions can be smoothly executed.

4)    Timely completion of the residential projects:
The construction work of ready-to-move-in properties is done well in time by the builders. There are no delays in the process as a whole.

5)    What you see is what you get:
The property is already built up and you can see the quality of construction, space availability, surrounding area of the property and amenities provided within the premise of the residential development. Also you can see the internal aspects of a flat including design style and its overall layout. For instance, if you are searching for 2 bhk flats in Pune, Hadapsar, and you come across a ready to move in flat, you will have clear understanding of how your flat will look like.
If at any point of time, you are confused about whether to buy a ready possession or under construction property, you can go through the above mentioned pointers and prefer to buy a ready to move in property.

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